If you just create an account and start posting on it thinking that you will get Instagram followers, think again!!!
The truth is that the first 10,000 Instagram followers are the hardest to obtain. Why? Simply because no one knows who you are yet. You’ve still got to prove yourself as a successful brand or an influencer. It could be hard, but also possible. If you follow this guide on how to get followers on Instagram, you could hit 10,000 Instagram followers in less than six months.
Let’s dive right in.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

While trying to figure out how to gain followers on Instagram, The first and the most important step while trying to get followers on Instagram, is to have your bio fully optimized. Think of your brand’s Instagram bio as the “homepage” to your account.
Here are some tips to improve your bio:

Your Name:

Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers in search queries. So it’s really important to make sure that the name you use in your Instagram bio is the one your followers and customers are searching for!

Profile Picture:

Choose a profile picture that clearly identifies your brand, like a business logo.

Brief Description:

Write something that explains your business accurately. Make sure to express your brand’s voice and personality. Choose your words carefully–you only get 150 characters.

Use Call to Actions

You are allowed to include one link on your bio. Use the last line on your bio to tell others what they should expect by clicking on the provided link. Here are some approaches you can take with your CTAs:

  • Be direct: “Click our bio link to shop our latest products.”
  • Encourage users to share: “Tag #brandedhashtag to be featured”
  • Promote a limited time offer: “Shop our Black Friday sale”
  • Highlight a contest: “Share your favorite flavor for a chance to win!”
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Other tips: here are some cool tips to get creative with your Instagram bio:

  • Use Emojis to Space out Your Text: You only have 150 characters, so the best ways to space out the text in your Instagram bio and add some personality to your profile is by incorporating emojis.
  • Change the Font in Your Instagram Bio: for changing your Instagram Bio in the desktop you can use LingoJam. Just copy and paste the text into your bio.
    You can use Textizer app to customize your font for iOS devices or CoolFonts for Android users.
  • Add Line Breaks to Your Instagram Bio: Adding line breaks to your Instagram bio is a great way to make the information in your Instagram bio more bite-sized and consumable!
    Using the free tool by Apps4Life, you can add line breaks for your Instagram bio (or Instagram captions) and simply click the Convert button to add it to your clipboard. Then, paste the text directly in your Instagram bio.
    Just keep in mind that line breaks only appear on the mobile version of Instagram, so you won’t be able to see them on your desktop!

2. Connect to Your Friends

Follow the people you know.  You can follow your friends, family or colleagues, they will get notified and most probably follow you back. They are your first followers. It’s cool because you can get the initial followers easily and quickly, even without posting any content (however, we’d still suggest having at least one post there, to begin with)

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3. Define Your Target Audience

From the beginning, describe your potential audience for yourself.
Ask these questions to have a better understanding of the audience you want to reach:

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • When and how do they use Instagram?

Find the accounts which post on a regular basis and have a good engagement with their content.
Create a list of such accounts for your brand and then start engaging.

4. Community is the Key to get Instagram Followers

If you want to grow organically on Instagram, engagement is the key.
Because of the Instagram algorithm, the more you engage with other users, the more they engage back. Instagram notices that your content is what they want to see. So, it increases the chance of your posts showing up on their feed.

But engaging with others on Instagram can take you a huge time. You must like, comment, view stories and follow other people that have shown interests on similar pages like yours. By this, you arouse their curiosity, if they interested in your page too, they may follow you back.

You can easily automate your Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow, sending Direct Messages and Posting activities on Instagram by using IGAssistant Instagram Bot. So just sit and enjoy the results. The other option for Instagram rapid growth is buying Instagram followers.
Note that by using this method, you get fake followers but employing Instagram automation tools can give you real Instagram followers that are fully engaged with your posts.

5. Post Contents which attracts your audience

Instagram is a visual platform. Generally speaking, sourcing content for your Instagram account doesn’t have to be a huge headache. There are plenty of ways to create an engaging feed with a cool aesthetic–even if you’re selling a product that seems impossible to visualize.

Create Instagram Content Using Templates:

Using templates to generate high-quality contents is a good practice. Some of the great tools to create visuals using templates are Easil, Stencil.

High-quality Stock Images:

Stock images have got a bit of a bad rep in recent times, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t be using them!
To find high-quality photos that don’t actually look “stocky”, head to Unsplash or Stocksnap.io. They offer a range of images for free.
If you have a bit of budget to spend, try Stocksy. As you would expect for a paid service, the quality of the images is higher, and the variety is wider.

Share an Experience as an Instagram Content:

Everyday users spend millions of hours scrolling through Instagram feeds. They are not looking for pictures of products. They’re searching for some visual experiences that excite them.
For instance, if you have a business, sharing behind the scenes photos or videos showing the process of your work could be great; or sharing your client’s stories about using your service or product. Whenever you have a chance, tell the story about them.

The Quotes:

Post Quote pictures which are relevant to your business message. If your company focuses on the service or product, then a lot of quotes look like spam and will get a low number of likes and comments, but posting it from time to time give some further engagement.

Create Educational Instagram Content:

Educational posts about your product or service. Sometimes people don’t know what else they can get or how to use stuff better.

6. Be consistent

Your existing followers want to see new feeds from you. That’s why they followed you in the first place. Be consistent in your posting even if it is just a few times per week.
When you don’t post for a while, you stop showing up on the people’s feed and even if you will start posting again you may lose the connection with some followers, as you won’t get to that 30 % of people’s posts they see.

7. Start a Conversation

If you engage with your followers, start writing a simple open-ended question in the post. Ask them about something and encourage them to leave a comment on your posts.
Try to respond as many questions or comments as possible, because it could mean the difference between getting a new customer, follower and improving your relationship with your audience. In fact, 71% of users are more likely to make a purchase after a positive social interaction.
Instagram Comment Manager Service is a practical service which enables you to track and manage your comments all in a single dashboard so that you can manage the engagements via comments quickly and easily.

The more conversation grows around your feed, the more likely you’ll get Instagram followers. Appreciate your followers and don’t be afraid to reply.
Creating individual engagements with your followers, especially your new followers, is another perfect solution to make your followers interact with you and check your feed. It is a cumbersome activity though, therefore, you can make the most of an Auto Direct Messages service to do it automatically.

8. Use the Right Hashtags

To get followers on Instagram fast you’ll find hashtagging your photos to be extremely important. Hashtagging your photos makes it easy for people to find your photos, that are searching for those specific terms.
Search for relevant hashtags for the topic(s) you post.
Then, create the lists of them for each subject you post about. Pick those, which has a number of images about 500,000 or less. Those search results update is slower. You can also add 1-3 top hashtags to get the ‘quick’ engagement for the post for the first few minutes.

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9. Get to the Instagram Search Top Results

If you get to the explore page, you’ll gain immense traction.
The point is to get more engagement with your post within 1-2 hours after it gets published and better from the accounts with the big followings.
Here are more tips:

  • Post at the time when more of your followers are online. If you have a business account, then check your statistic.
    If not, then look at your posts, at what time people engaged more with your account. Using an Instagram Post Scheduler service can be a big hand especially for those who want to publish their content regularly.
  • If you get like from users with lots of followers, the followers of those users also see your posts in their notifications page. This leads to more visibility and organic growth.
  • Tag other users in your posts if they are included in the subject of your post. They get notified and most probably interact with you.
  • Prepare high-quality images, which fit your niche. Well, that’s actually what you should always do on your account. This is what matters the most.
  • Pick the hashtags relevant to your niche. They shouldn’t be too popular. The more popular it is, the harder to get to the top, if your account isn’t big yet.

Then post your image and track the results. Check the search feed of the hashtags you use.
The post usually disappears from the top within 24 hours.

10. Join Instagram Engagement Groups 

An “Instagram pod” is a group of users in a group message on Instagram who share posts in the group message whenever they post. All the users in the group like the post and leave a meaningful comment.
While it might not help with immediate sales, it helps you gain credibility. This is more of a short-term strategy for you to get Instagram followers for the first few weeks, not a long-term one.


Getting your first ten thousand engaged followers may be a slow process. You may use one tip from above, decide that it almost doesn’t work and leave it. To make it really bring you the results, use all of them at the same time. Simply go step by step. If you do it right, maximum it will take you a month to get from 0 to 10K.