IGAssistant Instagram Automation Bot

Set Your Activities on Auto Pilot and Draw the Attention to your Feed

Instagram bot

Automation is Your Secret Weapon

Automation of Instagram activities is considered to be the best Marketing Strategy.
Rocket up your brand awareness by thousands of automated activities each day.

Our Instagram Bot provides the following automation options. While You can easily turn each action on or off,
decide which action you would like our bot to be more focused on.



Automatically likes other users' posts to draw their attention. Set to like 1 to 3 photos of each targeted user. Like Up to 1200 likes per day.


The best automation activity to gain more followers.
Encourage your audience to follow you back.
Follow up to 1200 users per day.


Mass unfollow to start following new users. Set a Whitelist to prevent the bot from unfollowing your favorite followers. Up to 1200 unfollows per day.


Comment on your target audience posts and engage with them. Define different comment groups using Spintax format. Up to 200 comments per day.
Auto-Viewing Stories

Auto-Viewing Stories

Set the bot to view stories and lives and gain more visits to your profile. Get involved with your target audience by viewing their stories and lives. View up to 100 stories and lives per day.

Smart Audience Targeting

Tell our Instagram Bot who your audience is.
Define your audience wisely and target those with the same interests as yours. 

If you are interested in specific followers, you should think of some specific targets.
You can target your audience based on the following options:

Competitors' Followers

Competitors' Followers

Interact with your competitors' followers and trigger their curiosity. They have shown interests into their content, probably they admire yours as well.


Aim your audience based on the locations of their posts. A marvelous method to draw the attention of local users and expand your business.
Hashtag Owners

Hashtag Owners

A practical audience targeting method
to engage with those who have used a specific Hashtag on their posts. 
Hashtag Lovers

Hashtag Lovers

Target users who like posts with a specific Hashtag.
 Go for the trendy hashtags on your niche which have already intrigued many people out there.

Keep in mind that using IGAssistant Instagram Bot is Just a Matter of Choosing the Right Targets.

Make Your Audience Targeting More Accurate

In spite of smart targeting, we have brought you various filtering options that enables narrowing down your audience.
Customize the Bot activities based on your goals and needs. 

You can restrict your audience based on:

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Media age
  • Minimum number of published posts
  • Maximum number of followers/followings

You can also set to skip the users with following characteristic:

  • Private accounts
  • Business accounts
  • A phone number on their bio
  • A website written on their bio

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