IGAssistant Guide

Instructions to make the most of IGAssistant Instagram Bot.

Takes 15 minutes to read the full guide and Master IGAssistant Instagram Bot in order to improve your experience with us. If you have any questions, submit us a ticket. Our customer services is always available to help.

Instagram bot


IGAssistant is an Instagram Automation Tool, developed  based on the needs of Instagram users and marketers.
With IGAssistant, users can automate all the activities on Instagram. This leads to more visibility and as a result, more engagement rate on Instagram. That is why users get real followers interested in their niche.

IGAssistant knows Instagram limits better that anyone else and it never violates them. With IGAssistant, users never get banned on Instagram. You will be hosted with the Safest and most secure
Instagram Automation Platform.

We  also provide other supplementary services to meet all your needs. For more information about our supplementary services, please visit our pricing page.

Before Getting Started

IGAssistant is the safest platform to use if you meet the following considerations:

  1. Ensure that you have access to email that you have used to signup on Instagram. Instagram forces its users to change their password if it detects any suspicious activity on their account and as a result you may need your registration email to do so.  You can find it by clicking on “Edit your profile” in your Instagram app.
  2. Make sure that your account has a profile avatar. Complete your profile Bio and post at least 5 photos before using IGAssistant Instagram bot.
  3. Your content must obey Instagram Criteria and rules and do not cross their lines.

Getting Started

  1. Signup on IGAssistant with a valid email. When you successfully register on IGAssistant, you will be asked to connect your Instagram account to let the bot begin its job.
  2. You will be granted a FREE 3-Days Trial for all of our Services. Please note that the trial will be applied to the first Instagram account you connect to IGAssistant. NO Credit card is required for Free Trial Period.
  3. To make the bot start , you must add targets. Using our Instagram Growth Plan is just a matter of adding proper targets related to your niche. Be noted that with no targets added, the bot never starts working. we recommend you keep your targets number under 20, this could lead you to the best result.
  4. When you try to connect your Instagram account to IGAssistant, Instagram might ask you to  “Confirm a login attempt” or “Reset Your Password”. This might happen due to your attempt to connect to Instagram with a new device (which in this case is our app). Follow and fulfill Instagram requests. Then, you must reconnect your Instagram account to IGAssistant. 
    Keep in mind that you have to confirm the login attempt on your Instagram application.

How to Buy?

All the payments on IGAssistant are made via PayPal.
There are two methods to pay for our services:

Method A:

1- Click on “Days” button (The Green button beside the number of followers and following)

2- Select the services that you want to use and choose the number of days that you want to use those services.

3- Click on “Checkout” and proceed your payment on PayPal.

 Method B:

* This method is recommended for those who want to manage more than 1 account on IGAssistant.

1- Click on “Balance” at the top left corner of your dashboard.

2- Select the amount the you want to pay and click on “purchase”. Then proceed your payment on PayPal.

3- Use the Method A to add days for any of your accounts.


Using IGAssistant is Just a Matter of Choosing the Right Targets.

Adding targets is the first and the main thing to do after adding your Instagram account. You can simply click on “+ New Promo” button to add your targets.

You can add users, locations and hashtags as targets.

Our experience shows that “users” as targets tend to be more efficient than locations and hashtags.

Competitor Followers

The first tab in the new window is “Followers”, here you can target followers of an Instagram account. Here you can interact with your competitors’ Instagram followers.
Try to find some popular accounts with similar content like yours.The followers of these accounts are likely to like the content of your page as well. So they will check your page and if they find it interesting, they will follow you.

Target active followers

While adding users as targets, there is an option: “Only likers and commenters”. By checking this option, the bot only interacts with those users who usually like or comment on the target page. 

It leads to being in touch with engaging Instagram followers. But keep in mind that it will increase the number of skipped activities that target.


In the second tab, you can add locations such as cities, districts, public places etc. as a target. 
When you choose a location as a target, the bot interacts with the people who have published Instagram posts in that place. 
Geolocation targeting is suitable for the ones who are looking for local Instagram followers.


In the third tab, you can add hashtags as targets.
To achieve better results, we have divided hashtag targeting into two different kinds: 

1- Owner: You can target those users who have used a specific hashtag on their posts. 
2- Lovers: You can target those users who have liked the posts with that particular hashtag.


In the third tab, you can add hashtags as targets.
To achieve better results, we have divided hashtag targeting into two different kinds: 

1- Owner: You can target those users who have used a specific hashtag on their posts. 
2- Lovers: You can target those users who have liked the posts with that particular hashtag.

Target Customization

After adding targets, each of them appears on a separate box on your dashboard. You can simply customize the actions for each of your targets, like turning On/Off the actions including like, comment, follow and view stories. You can also see the number of activities which have been performed by our Instagram bot.

If you don’t want to promote by commenting (i.e., you don’t want the bot to put comments on your behalf) turn comments off for all your targets.

Promotion Settings

If you click on Settings on your dashboard, you will find 5 tabs which are explained below.
It is highly recommended that you read these instructions once to master IGAssistant bot and improve your experience with us.


There are three different options for the activity speed of the bot. Slow, Normal and Fast.

If you have just started using our services, it is recommended that you set the activity speed on “Slow” for a couple of days. In this case you will avoid any dramatic increase in your Instagram activities. After a few days, you can set the activity speed to normal. This is the best activity speed and we recommend to keep the activity speed always on Normal. But if you want to set the activity speed on Fast, it is recommended that you do it 1 month after using the bot with the normal speed.

Most of our customers don’t want the others to realize that they are using an Instagram bot. However, it seems odd if you leave a like or follow someone on Instagram at 3 a.m., no? We have thought about it and devised this night pause option. When you check this box, the bot stops performing activities for a few hours after midnight. This also simulates real human behavior and makes your activities look natural.

When you are promoting by following an Instagram account. It draws more attention if you leave some likes on the posts of that account. Check this box to do so and make the follow action more efficient.

Like “Follow+like”, your comment on someone’s post will be more impressive if you leave a couple of additional likes on the posts.

You can determine how many likes should be left for each user.


Use the options in this tab to limit your target audience.

In this tab, you can restrict the bot to be in contact with the accounts which match your interests best. Using these filters enable you to get relevant Instagram followers, those who might be interested in your content. These followers are active and engaging, and they could be your future customers as well. A brief explanation for each option is provided below.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: change the settings in this section wisely since the more limits you set, the more skipped activities you face.

Restrict your target audience to male or female. In this case, the bot only interacts with users of the defined gender.

If someone’s last post is for a long time ago, it means that account is not active and interacting with it is just a waste of time. So IGAssistant has provided this filter to help users determine the media age of the account which the bot works on it.

Use this option to make the bot skip the users who have already been followed/unfollowed by the bot. This is more logical. In addition, you will prevent annoying other users.

The bot only interacts with those users with the number of followers less than the specified number. When people have lots of followers, they may ignore your actions because they get many notifications each day.

The bot only interacts with those users with the number of following less than the specified number. If a user is following too many accounts, it may be also an auto promoted account. But you need only real followers, right?

Set a min post limit for the accounts that IGAssistant interacts with. For instance, if you set this value to 5, the bot interacts with instagrammers with at least 5 published posts. This can be so useful since most of the fake accounts don’t have many published posts, just 2-3. With this filter, you can skip them.

According to your purpose on Instagram, you may not be interested in business accounts. This filter allows you to put them aside.

Based on your needs, you might be only interested in individuals as a follower. In that case, it makes sense if you use this filter to skip accounts with a website.

Usually, businesses and people who are looking for potential customers use their phone number on their bio on Instagram. You may want to skip those accounts in order to get more individuals and genuine followers.

If you use this filtering option, the bot only interacts with those users who their bio is written in the specified language. This is a good filtering option specially for local businesses. So if your business is not international, use this option. You can set as many as languages for the bot. 

If there are some accounts that you do not want to interact with them at all, You are able to add them to your black list, so the bot never engages with them.

Write some words in this section, and when the bot finds these words in an account’s bio or posts, the bot does not interact with that account. To prevent being in touch with pornography or violence content, you can use this option.


You can easily schedule the “unfollow” process using this option. Just set the desired time and the bot automatically starts the unfollow process in the specified time.

If you check this option, the bot only unfollows those users who had been followed by our system. In this way, you can keep those users that you are interested in them.

When the bot follows an account on your behalf, it would be practical if you follow that account some days and give enough time to that account to follow you back. Also, it seems ugly to follow someone and unfollow him/her after some hours. With this option, you can set a “Min Following Days” for the bot. Then the bot won’t unfollow any account which was followed earlier than the number of “Min Following Days”.

When you are promoting by auto-follow, the number of your following increases every day, so you must set a threshold number for the bot. Then when your following number meets the defined number for following threshold, the bot stops the auto-follow action and starts the unfollow process automatically.

Once the number of profiles followed reaches the value set for “Following threshold”, the bot starts to unfollow, but how many accounts?! You can set a value for it with this option.

When your bot is busy with auto-unfollow, it cannot do auto-follow at the same time, but it is possible to set it to like and comment while doing auto-unfollow. If you want to continue liking and commenting while the bot is busy with auto-unfollow, you can mark like or comment or both of them. Just keep in mind that by doing this, you will decrease the speed of auto-unfollow process significantly. So if you want the bot to do auto-unfollow at the maximum speed, please do not mark this section.

There should be some accounts that you don’t want to unfollow ever. You can write their usernames in the white list then the bot never unfollows them.


In this tab, you can write the comments which will be posted on your behalf by IGAssistant bot. There are some suitable pre-defined comments written in spintax format. You can delete those comments and add yours complying the spintax format. This format helps generating numerous comments which prevents any suspicion from Instagram. Please hold the mouse pointer on the  icon beside message format and read the instructions carefully.


This tab consists of daily and hourly limitations for all the activities (follow, unfollow, like and comment). Considering the safety of your account, we have determined initial values cautiously. If you want to increase these limitations, please investigate well and be aware that bigger numbers may jeopardize your account.

Observe and Improve Your Growth on Instagram

IGAssistant Instagram Bot works on the targets you have set for it. As mentioned before, gaining more followers by using our services, undeniably relies on your targets. For an ascending or at least a stable Instagram growth, you should check your targets consistently and try to optimize them with the metrics provided for you to achieve the best possible results.

There are two critical parameters showing the suitability of each target. These two parameters are Coverage and Conversion which are explained below:


Aggregated number of activities including likes, comments and follows performed by IGAssistant bot.


The ratio of "the number of followers gained out of a target" to "the coverage of that target". Conversion is a key parameter in IGAssistant. It helps you find out whether your chosen target is good enough or not. In order to improve your Instagram growth, you need to observe the conversion of your targets in appropriate time intervals.

Targets Statistic

You can find bot statistic on your dashboard, you can filter the results by various metrics and time, Pay attention to conversion rate and try to optimize your targets in order to achieve the best conversion rate, be aware the 5% conversion rate and below is considered  as a improper target. You can also get stats of the number of likes, follows, comments, unfollows and skipped activities by pressing more buttons on statistics page.


Final Words

To get started, we recommend you to add 10-15 good targets related to your niche. Let the bot work on those targets for a couple of days and check their conversion rates.
Try to replace targets with conversion rates below 5% with new ones. Do this process at least once a week to make the most of IGAssistant Instagram Bot.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will be glad to help our customers to improve their experience with us.

Enjoy using IGAssistant Instagram bot