Send Bulk Instagram
Auto Direct Messages

Automatically Send DMs to Your Followers or any Instagram User and Engage with them.
Mine the Potential Customers Easier than Ever.

Auto Direct Messages

Generate More Leads on Instagram

One of the most efficient strategies of Instagram Marketing is engaging with your followers or non-followers one by one.
In this case, you will increase the chance of getting your message seen by more users.
Way more efficient than publishing posts or stories which are visible for public.

With IGAssistant Auto Direct Messages service, you will have the ability to send Bulk Direct Messages
from your PC, Mobile or Tablet to your audience, even if they are not following you.
Increase your brand awareness and drive more sales using this handy service.

Auto Direct Messages Bot Features & Benefits

Spintax Format

Spintax Format

Sending non-repetitive and unique Direct Messages is a must to prevent getting banned.
With the help of Spintax system, generate numerous unique Direct messages.
Use Emojis

Use Emojis

Find the full set of Emojis on your dashboard. Utilize these Emojis to customize your
Direct Messages and make them more appealing to your audience.
Multiple Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

Run unlimited number of DM campaigns
including a special message. Assign different recipients for each campaign to achieve the maximum conversion rate.
Include an Image

Include an Image

Enrich your Auto DMs by adding a photo. Upload an Image or choose one of your posts to be included in your DMs. This also helps to increase your posts' likes and views.
Up to 200 DMs/Day

Up to 200 DMs/Day

Send up to 200 Auto DMs each day in a complete safe manner. IGAssistant DM bot distributes its activities during the day to keep your account safe and secure.

Different Messages, Different Recipients

New Followers

New Followers

Engage with your new followers as soon as they choose to follow you. Make a good first impression by sending them a warm welcome message.
All Existing Followers

All Existing Followers

Make your followers aware of the news about your brand. Send Mass Auto Direct Messages to all of your followers and drive more sales with your special offers.
Custom List of Users

Custom List of Users

Send a special message to some specific Instagram users. Go beyond your followers and start sending bulk Auto DMs to any list of Users that you want.

Filtering Options

Make your target audience more accurate by using various filtering options.
Target those who could be more interested in your offers and generate more leads.


Limit your audience to male or female. A great filtering option for those interested in engaging with users of a specific gender.

Max Following

Instagrammers with many users followed might be auto promoted accounts too. Exclude them with this option and engage with more real users.

Max Followers

Users with many followers receive many DMs. Therefore, some of them may be missed. Utilize this filtering option to exclude these users.

Min Number of Posts

Use this filtering option to let our bot skip those users with the number of posts fewer than the specified value. They might not be so active.

Last Post Age

Make an effective use of this option to skip the users who have not been active recently. Get in touch with those who are more engaged.

How it Works

  • Write your Direct Message, preferably in Spintax format
  • Upload an image, or use one of your posts to be included in the DM
  • Choose the recipients and use filtering options to restrict them
  • Run the campaign

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